White Tiger Academy Hapkido
Hapkido means "The way of coordinated energy".  It is a balanced martial art that combines kicking, striking, and punching techniques similar to those found in arts like Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, and other Korean Martial Arts.  Hapkido also incorporates vital point striking, joint manipulation, joint locking, take-downs, throwing, falling, grappling, choking, Ki (internal energy) development, and a multitude of weapon techniques into this beautiful and dynamic art.  The art emphasises harmony and fluidity through the principles of water, circular motion, and non-resistance.

Our White Tiger Hapkido program is based in the Moosul Kwan style of Hapkido, however our style is influenced by Dae Pung Kwan Ho Shin Do, Tae Sool Won, Kuk Sool, and Tuek Gong MooSul.  Grandmaster Albright is the primary instructor for this art and holds an 8th Degree Black in Hapkido from GM Derman Hodge, GM Jason Velez, and GM Troy Trudeau.  GM Albright also holds and 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Sool Won under GM Trudeau.  GM Albright is a direct student of each of these amazing martial arts Grandmasters.